Expresso Performance Check 2018

Expresso Fashion has met most of FWF’s performance requirements. Its monitoring threshold of 89% is an improvement compared to last year. To achieve this monitoring percentage, Expresso increased the number of FWF audits conducted at its production locations and continued to use external audit reports to address labour conditions. The monitoring percentage, combined with a benchmark score of 67, means that FWF has awarded Expresso Fashion the ‘Good’ rating.

In 2017, Expresso put a lot of effort into consolidating its supply chain, decreasing the number of suppliers by almost 30%. For selecting which suppliers to continue with, the company used a systematic evaluation process, including CSR and production quality indicators. Expresso plans to continue this process in the coming year to create a supply chain with committed suppliers with whom they can cooperate to improve working conditions.
The previous brand performance check included requirements regarding visiting production locations in low-risk countries to improve the monitoring of these locations. Expresso did not visit the production locations, but, as part of the consolidation process, decreased the number of production locations in these countries and also decreased the production volume at these locations.


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