Filippa K Performance Check 2019

Filippa K has shown progress and met most of FWF’s performance requirements. Filippa K’s monitoring threshold of 89% exceeds monitoring requirements (80%). With a benchmarking score of 59, Filippa K is awarded the ‘Good’ category.

This financial year Filippa K focused on returning the business to ‘ the essence of Filippa K’. In the production process, this practically means that the brand started sourcing at several new production locations and is planning to consolidate in the next years.

Filippa K introduced open costing for all their suppliers. The brand developed an open costing sheet, explained it to all its suppliers and also showed transparency about its own finances to them. The sheet is on the level of detail of CMPT cost and FWF recommends as the next step in the open costing sheet is to link the wages of the workers to the prices of the product. This will help Filippa K to systematically demonstrate the link between their buying price and wage levels and set target wages above the legal minimum wage with some key production locations. Filippa K is interested to know more about living wage and FWF encourages and facilitates the brand to take steps towards payment of living wage.

While Filippa K’s production planning system enables reasonable working hours at the factory-level, excessive overtime remains a challenge in its supply chain. FWF expects Filippa K to proactively work on this.

Filippa K is actively participating in an online tool called QuizRR, which is calculated in indicator 3.3 related to training. For next year, FWF expects Filippa K to develop extra activities to raise awareness about the FWF helpline as a grievance mechanism in the factories where the QuizRR training is done.

In Filippa K’s Code of Conduct a distinction is made between different labour rights which are placed either under the heading ‘must have’ or ‘should have’. This distinction is not in line with the FWF Code of Labour Practices and should be changed.


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