Fond Of Performance Check 2018

FOND OF GmbH has shown advanced results on performance indicators and has made exceptional progress. With a systematic, organised and structured
method of implementing FWF’s approach into its own organisation and towards the suppliers, FOND OF GmbH has now reached leader status with 87 points
and 94% of the production locations under monitoring.

FOND OF GmbH was able to identify subcontractors, create openness about their existence and performance and build a good relationship with these
subcontractors. FOND OF GmbH developed a monitoring system to measure progress of suppliers in their social performance. The monitoring system contains grades and diagrams, which enables FOND OF GmbH to compare the results of a specific supplier through time and to compare suppliers to each other.

FWF considersthis as a best practice that could be shared with other FWF member brands.
Though a strong planning system is in place, the challenge to tackle overtime remains. FOND OF GmbH has already taken many preparative steps towards
living wages by calculating the price increases required to cover their share of the living wage. FWF encourages FOND OF GmbH to take the next step by
committing to pay these price increases at selected suppliers and involve worker representatives in this process.

Score: 87 Percentage under monitoring: 94% Category: Leader


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