FWF Brand Performance Check Guide 2018

Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) has updated its Brand Performance Check guide for assessing financial years that start in 2018. FWF continues to refine its Brand Performance Check indicators to best reflect the issues that member companies face, and incorporate member experiences and feedback.

What changed?

  • The guide shows that FWF will increasingly focus on assessing member companies’ due diligence process. It also emphasizes that FWF will enforce the rule that all relevant factory data, including that of subcontractors must be reported during the Brand Performance Check.
  • The indicators assessing member efforts to support payment of a living wage have seen significant changes. Two new indicators related to wages have been incorporated to the guide. These changes will support member company efforts to raise wage levels, and will help them gain more insight into the link between their buying practices and wages.
  • Training indicators have also been adjusted to emphasise how important it is to raise a basic level of awareness among workers and management, but also that advanced training is necessary to support real transformative processes in the factory.

Should you have any questions about changes to the Brand Performance Check guide or any of FWF’s policies, please get in touch with your case manager.

Every interested party can send feedback on the Brand Performance Check system to be considered in the regular updates. If you have comments and feedback about the Brand Performance Check system, please direct them to info@fairwear.org, so we can take them into consideration for the next revision.


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