FWF Charter 2011

FWF Charter

This charter describes Fair Wear Foundation (FWF), its mission and vision, grounding principles, governance, affiliation and ambassadorship, its core activity that is verification and funding of the orgnisation. The charter is meant to give companies, stakeholders, funders and the general public clarity on the purpose and mandate of FWF. Specific information on what affiliation and ambassadorship entail and what FWF expects from companies can be found in the relevant FWF manuals.

At the end of this document, a list of definitions is included. Mission Fair Wear Foundation strives for good labour conditions in branches of industry of which the main manufacturing process is sewing, by joining forces of business associations, trade unions and NGOs. Vision FWF realises good labour conditions by: o Verifying the efforts made and results achieved by affiliates and ambassadors towards the implementation of the Code of Labour Practices step-by-step, in the company’s internal management system as well as in the factories where their products are manufactured. o Stimulating sound industrial relations worldwide and, wherever possible, harmonising policies and methods


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