FWF Complaints Procedure 2014

FWF Complaints Procedure 2014

The complaints procedure allows workers or their representatives in garment factories which supply members of FWF to make complaints about their working conditions and the way the code of conduct is implemented in these factories. The procedure is also meant for other parties involved. For example, it can be used by suppliers to complain about the way in which FWF procedures are carried out, or by NGOs to file a complaint about the labour situation in factories.

Complaints received from suppliers and/ or member companies related to the implementation of FWF procedures are dealt with by the Executive Board of FWF (see under stage 8.) As FWF gains more experience with complaints, this procedure may be further developed. Complaints from workers or their representatives against their employer should preferably be handled within the company. FWF requires, in the framework of the labour standard “freedom of association and collective bargaining”, the creation of internal communication and consultation channels between employees and management. These must include a procedure for handling complaints. Only if the internal procedure does not exist or does not function can workers or their representatives use the FWF procedure. FWF and the member company will do everything within their power to resolve a complaint in a timely manner.


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