FWF guidance on risks related to Turkish garment factories employing Syrian refugees 2019

This guideline has been revised and updated to help FWF members carry out thorough due diligence in their Turkey based supply chains as the Syria conflict continues to add further pressure to the Turkish apparel sector requiring deeper investigations by brands.  The Syrian refugee crisis is a result of the Syrian conflict which began in March 2011. Turkey hosts approximately 4 million refugees which is the world’s largest refugee population. 3,5 million Syrians are under temporary protection, and other refugees, mainly from Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran, are under international protection.

Since the Syrian Migrant crisis began, FWF has been in ongoing dialogue with stakeholders such as unions, employer associations, government representatives, UN agencies and other MSIs working in Turkey regarding best practice for brands sourcing in Turkey. FWF will periodically update this guidance as the situation evolves.



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