FWF Bangladesh Fire and Building Safety 2013

Fair Wear Foundation’s framework on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh

On 24 April 2013 the Rana Plaza Building in Savar collapsed. At the end of last year and early this year, a number of factory fires took place, including the ones at Tazreen Fashion Limited and Smart Export Garments. Unfortunately, such tragedies are not incidents. Improving fire and building safety in the garment industry in Bangladesh is more urgent now than ever. It is a sector-wide challenge and requires a concerted effort over time and at a number of different levels.

FWF is intensively discussing with its stakeholders (including IndustriALL, the Clean Clothes Campaign and business associations) to come to a broad framework. In addition, FWF will seek a dialogue with the ILO in Bangladesh and Geneva to explore how it can most effectively support the implementation of the action plan in practical terms.


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