FWF Updated Position Paper on Myanmar 2013

In May 2010 the FWF board adopted a formal position on Myanmar (Burma). A description of the position as it was then adopted can be found here. At that time FWF required (prospect) members to phase out production at factories in Myanmar, as a way to support the policies of national governments of EU states as well as the positions of international and local stakeholders that had been consulted by FWF staff.

In June 2013, FWF staff prepared a discussion paper supporting the board in the evaluation process. This paper was mostly based on stakeholder consultation and review of order volumes and existing audit reports which were obtained from FWF affiliate members. As part of the discussion process, several meetings took place between FWF staff and the stakeholders in the board and Committee of Experts (CoE) between June and August 2013. Below position paper incorporates the views of FWF’s stakeholders.

FWF members that do decide to start production in Myanmar are required to implement additional, country-specific measures. These country specific requirements for Myanmar are an addition to FWF’s general requirements for its membersand the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (the ‘Ruggie Guidelines’).



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