Standing Firm against Factory Floor Harassment

Standing Firm against Factory Floor Harassment
Indian and Bangladeshi laws are very clear on the steps to be taken in workplaces to prevent and remedy violence against women. However there are no documented examples of factories where the laws are being properly implemented. In 2011, Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) and local NGOs in Bangladesh and India launched an effort to fully implement these laws in garment factories.
In 2013, the laws in India were strengthened by the passage of the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act, and the project became among the first efforts in any industry to implement the new law. Despite many challenges, the project is proving successful: factories are allowing training for workers and managers on the importance and benefits of treating women better; several anti-harassment committees and telephone helplines have been established; workers are speaking up about problems; and factories and clothing brands are working together to remedy those problems. The project is also providing rare insight and solid documentation of a problem which is rarely spoken about.

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