Greiff Performance Check 2018

GREIFF has shown progress and met most of FWF’ s performance requirements. With a monitoring percentage of 85%, GREIFF goes beyond the required 80%
after its third year of membership. With 68 points in the Brand Performance Check, FWF places GREIFF in the ‘Good’ category.

In the third year of FWF-membership, GREIFF increased purchase prices at one of the factories with 100% leverage and made agreements that the increase
completely contributes to the wages of the workers. FWF values this and encourages GREIFF to further increase knowledge of the relation between prices
related to wages in general and the impact of price increase on the workers in this specific case.

GREIFF has a strong planning process in place and a proactive approach in organising audits and discussing CAP follow up with suppliers.
GREIFF has organised trainings for two suppliers to increase understanding of labour rights as formulated in the FWF Code of Labour Practices and to raise
awareness of the possibility for workers to reach out to the FWF worker helpline. For the second year GREIFF cooperates with another FWF member, a
production location in Pakistan and an external partner in a project to raise awareness on labour standards.

FWF encourages GREIFF to continue its current progress and to focus on possible solutions for more complex issues like living wage or social dialogue.
GREIFF needs to ensure that the communication policy of FWF is interpreted in a correct way in the communication about GREIFF and MyGREIFF.

Score: 68 Percentage under monitoring: 85% Category: Good


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