HAVEP Performance Check 2019

In 2018, HAVEP met most of FWF’s performance requirements. With 85% of its supply base under monitoring, the brand meets the threshold for member companies after their 3rd year of membership. HAVEP has reached a benchmarking score of 71, placing it in the ‘Good’ category.

HAVEP has a stable supplier base. The vision for long-term relationships is further strengthened with these suppliers. The new pricing strategy of the company in combination with a strong production planning and knowledge of the standard minutes per style allows HAVEP to make serious strides forward in the payment of a living wage for factory workers. Future performance checks will inform us if HAVEP has been able to monitor its efforts and verify if the additional price paid also led to a higher income for the workers.

Besides monitoring its efforts on the payment of a living wage, FWF requires HAVEP to work on a systematic approach that will integrate social compliance into normal business processes and support good decision-making. The approach needs to ensure that the member consistently evaluates the entire supplier base and includes information into decision-making procedures. In addition, FWF CAP follow-up should be better captured in a structured monitoring system to support the work of the country teams and of HAVEP’s head office.


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