Heigo Performance Check 2015

Heigo Performance Check 2015

In 2014, Heigo met most of FWFs management system requirements. With a monitoring percentage of 93% and a benchmarking score of 54, it has managed to meet the minimum requirements for attaining the Good category after having been in the Needs Improvement category for the previous year.

In order to meet the required monitoring threshold, Heigo shifted production from suppliers located in high-risk countries to Portugal, which is a low-risk country. In addition to this, it also worked to consolidate production to its own production facility in Bulgaria.

There was one audit at a supplier producing for Heigo and a number of other FWF brands. This audit identified several significant issues that were followed up by Heigo as well as the other brands sourcing there. Part of this remediation process included a factory visit as well as a financial contribution.

Heigo continues to make significant use of external producers, and has increased its share of purchases from FWF members. This is also reflected in the FOB and purchasing figures.

FWF encourages Heigo to continue consolidating its production base to its own production facility and suppliers located in low-risk countries. In this way, it mitigates many of the social compliance risks associated with producing in high-risk countries without having an effective monitoring system in place for these suppliers.

Finally, Heigo is required to remove its FWF on-garment communication immediately. Failure to do so will lead to automatic placement in the Needs Improvement category, regardless of the benchmarking score or monitoring threshold.

To know more about Heigo visit its page on FWF.


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