Heigo Performance Check 2016

In 2015, Heigo met most of FWFs management system requirements. With a monitoring percentage of 95% and a benchmarking score of 58, it has managed to meet the minimum requirements for attaining the Good category. Most of Heigo’s production happens in their own production facility in Bulgaria.

In 2015, Heigo started to move its remaining production from high risk countries to existing suppliers in low risk countries. There is a great difference in Heigo’s approach to its own production facility in Bulgaria and other suppliers. FWF requires Heigo to develop a more systematic approach to integrate social compliance into normal business processes, and supports good decision-making. The approach needs to ensure that Heigo consistently evaluates the entire supplier base and includes information into decision-making procedures.

At the end of 2014 there was one audit at a supplier producing for Heigo and a number of other FWF brands. This audit identified several significant issues that were followed up by Heigo as well as the other brands sourcing there. Part of this remediation process included a factory visit as well as a financial contribution. However, during the brand performance check little evidence of active remediation could be shown. Heigo continues to make significant use of external producers, and has increased its share of purchases from FWF members. This is also reflected in the FOB and purchasing figures.


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