HempAge Performance Check 2013

HempAge Performance Check 2013

FWF conducted the third Brand Performance Check at HempAge end of October 2012. Beginning of 2013, FWF has decided to change evaluation of FWF affiliates from moment of joining to financial year of the affiliate.

HempAges’ financial year equals the calendar year. Since January to October 2012 have been covered with last year’s brand performance check, this BPC functions as a duplicate for the first months of 2012 adding activities of HempAge in November and December 2012. HempAge meets most of FWFs management system requirements and the threshold of 90% which is required on the basis of the duration of membership. Most of HempAge’s production is done at one supplier in China where HempAge has substantial leverage of production.

The supplier became FWF factory member in June 2011. Approx. 10% of the production is subcontracted from the main supplier to three subcontractors. Orders are subcontracted for specific clothing items. HempAge is looking for a new partner as an alternative to the subcontractors. In the meanwhile further efforts are needed to implement all of FWFs requirements at the subcontractors in use.

To know more about Hempage visit its page on FWF.


FWF has prepared a Brand Performance Check Guide for stakeholders and consumers to further explain how FWF reports on members.


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