HempAge Performance Check 2016

HempAge Performance Check 2016

In 2015, HempAge meets most of FWF’s management system requirements and goes beyond. With 99% of its production being monitored, it meets the required monitoring percentage of 90%. Its benchmark score of 83 is also above the 75 points needed to maintain Leader status.

HempAge’s main supplier continues to be a factory located in China that is also currently a FWF factory member. Audits have shown that working conditions have been improving significantly in the past. In 2015, effort was put into research linking pricing and workers’ wages, but progress was again limited due to the reluctance of the supplier to provide this information. In 2015, HempAge also started production at another production facility in China. Before production began, HempAge visited and emphasized the importance it places on social compliance and FWF. This facility was also audited at the end of the financial year.

FWF encourages HempAge to continue its efforts in linking pricing to wages and also adequately follow up on the audit conducted at the other production location recently audited.


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