HempAge Performance Check 2017

HempAge has shown advance results on performance indicators and has made exceptional progress. With 97% of its production being monitored, it meets the required monitoring threshold for third-year members. HempAge reached a benchmarking score of 81, which is also above the 75 points needed to maintain Leader status.
A majority of HempAge’s production continues to take place at two production sites in China. HempAge has invested in building a long-term working relationship with these factories. Both suppliers have hence demonstrated willingness to cooperate and work on improvements suggested in the Corrective Action Plans (CAPs). HempAge has strong systems in place to follow up on CAPs, including regular visits to factories to discuss progress, as well as daily communication with management. Despite previous research, efforts to link pricing to wages has remained challenging.
In 2016, HempAge added production in Albania, where they thoroughly conducted human rights due diligence. Before production began, HempAge visited the production location and emphasised the importance it places on social compliance and FWF. Unfortunately, the relationship with this supplier was terminated halfway through the year due to quality issues with the production.
HempAge’s remaining challenges are to maintain a collaborative relationship with one of its Chinese suppliers in light of a change in management and factory ownership. FWF encourages HempAge to continue its efforts to follow up on the audits conducted. Furthermore, HempAge should continue working towards increasing transparency within factories in order to develop a pricing policy for which the member knows the labour cost of garments and to further assess the impact of its prices on living wages.

Benchmarking score: 81, % under monitoring: 97%, Category: leader


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