hessnatur Performance Check 2011

hessnatur Performance Check 2011

hessnatur has been affiliated to FWF for six years. The company meets most of FWFs management system requirements and has a very systematic approach to code implementation. The level of ambition is high considering the size and complexity of the supply chain. hessnatur has developed and implemented systems to fit the company’s specific way of working and has staff dedicated to keeping these systems running.
Since the last MSA, the work has focused on gathering data on wages and estimates of living wages in the production countries, auditing key suppliers in low risk countries and auditing in high risk countries using FWF audit teams.
At the end of hessnatur’s financial year 2010 (end of September), the company will have covered 95% of their purchasing volume in both high and low risk countries through their monitoring system. This is above the 90% of the purchasing volume required to be covered by a coherent monitoring system. 43% is produced in low risk countries and 30% is covered by audit done by FWF audit teams. Additionally, some factories are covered by following up the corrective action plans of BSCI and WRAP audits, but this accounts for less than two percent.
During 2010 FWF evaluated the audit methodology of FWF at factory level and came with a number of recommendations. This lead hessnatur to take several steps. Firstly, hessnatur had a method development session with FWF which resulted in detailed recommendations of which several have been added to the auditing system of hessnatur. Secondly, hessnatur is now focusing their own audit on low risk countries, while for high risk countries the company use FWF audit teams where available and external service providers where needed.
Since the last MSA, hessnatur has developed their sourcing strategy further. Some of these recent developments might facilitate a closer dialogue with the production sites, something that can help facilitate dialogue on purchasing practices.
The biggest challenge for hessnatur now lies in improving working conditions on factory floor level. For example, some of the factories audited since the last MSA do not live up to legal requirements regarding payments of overtime wages and remarks on fire safety are reoccurring, even in factories audited for the second time. These non compliances are widespread in the industry, but as a FWF affiliate, hessnatur needs to engage closely with factories to make sure these problems are addressed in a sustainable way.

Read more about hessnatur on its FWF page.


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