hessnatur Performance Check 2013

hessnatur Performance Check 2013

hessnatur meets most of FWFs management system requirements. The purchasing practices of the company generally support implementation of the Code of Labour Practices. Since last performance check, hessnatur has increased its FOB purchasing value that comes from production sites in low risk to 62%. In total 95% of its purchasing value is monitored. The company has introduced a new internal access system that ensures a functioning workflow to keep its supplier information up to date. Results from audits and hessnatur screens are included in the system. Audit reports by other customers of suppliers are also registered in the database.

The past year hessnatur has been setting up a working group to establish and further develop the company’s sourcing strategy: purchasing, sustainability and the economic situation of the company are topics of the working group. Improvements can be made in reducing excessive overtime at suppliers and obtaining more insights into the relationship between the cost of labour, the company’s pricing policy and living wages. Two of hessnatur’s suppliers in China were enrolled in FWFs Workplace Education Programme.

To know more about hessnatur visit its page on FWF.


FWF has prepared a Brand Performance Check Guide for stakeholders and consumers to further explain how FWF reports on members.


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