hessnatur Performance Check 2015

hessnatur Performance Check 2015

Hessnatur meets most of FWF’s management system requirements and goes beyond.
97% of the company’s production volume is under monitoring, which meets FWF’s threshold for affiliates who are a member for more than 3 years. This
includes the 47% of the company’s production volume from suppliers in low-risk countries. Hessnatur is sourcing in 28 countries. With a little bit more than
half of their suppliers the company maintains a business relation of more than 5 years.
Hessnatur has worked proactively to follow up on the requirements from the previous Brand Performance Check. The sourcing department is now more
integrated with the CSR department, which enables the sourcing department to factor in commitment on social standards, when making purchasing
Hessnatur gained more insight into production costs related to wages by estimating a cost breakdown, compared to country-level minimum wages and living
wage benchmarks. A recommended next step would be to discuss with suppliers a process to raise wages towards a living wage benchmark level.
Hessnatur is encouraged to further motivate its main production sites to join WEP trainings.

To know more about hessnatur visit its page on FWF.


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