hessnatur performance check 2017

Hessnatur has shown advanced results on performance indicators and has made exceptional progress on increasing its monitoring percentage in low-risk countries and at tail-end production locations. With a score of 87, and a monitoring percentage of 97, Hessnatur falls into FWF’s Leader category.

Hessnatur employs a dedicated CSR team that makes use of a thorough approach to enable a true understanding of social and labour conditions at the factory level. This is impressive, certainly when considering the company’s broad supply chain that includes many factories. To gather the necessary information, the brand integrates continuous follow-up of social and labour issues into all forms of staff contact with suppliers. Also, Hessnatur has developed an internal system to organise all CAPs and complaints follow-up. This is used to schedule audits and training sessions. Hessnatur shares information about its sourcing practices through an attractive, user-friendly website.

As a recommended next step, FWF encourages Hessnatur to use all data and experience gathered for learning and continuous improvement. The garment industry is far from a socially-responsible sector and it is not yet clear how to best create a sustainable impact. Hessnatur can internally use any lessons learned to ensure the impact of its responsible sourcing strategies on the lives of factory workers. The company can also apply these lessons to incentivise sector learning and encourage others to join the movement towards improved labour conditions.

Benchmarking score: 87, % under monitoring: 97, Category: Leader


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