Hessnatur Performance Check 2018

Hessnatur has shown advanced results on performance indicators and has made exceptional progress. Hessnatur has monitored 95% of its supply chain by using FWF and other third-party audits and monitoring low-risk production locations. This together with a benchmarking score of 87 means that Hessnatur falls into FWF’s Leader category. Hessnatur employs a dedicated CSR team and has established a thorough system involving all relevant departments to monitor and remediate labour
conditions along their broad supply chain. Two thirds of Hessnatur’s factories have been their partner for more than five years which enables cooperation
Hessnatur’s strong production planning in principal allows factories to plan their workflow within reasonable working hours. In practice several FWF audits
and complaints indicated that excessive overtime remains a challenge in Hessnatur’s supply chain. To tackle this Hessnatur’s CSR and sourcing team together
visited several suppliers to conduct root cause analyses and look for long-term solutions.

During its last financial year Hessnatur also investigated how their prices impact wage levels. Their analysis of seven main sourcing countries showed that
80% of all suppliers pay at least half the living wage. Hessnatur could also demonstrate a correlation between higher wage levels and their leverage at the
production location which indicates that their prices impact wages of workers. During its last financial year Hessnatur also made progress on strengthening worker representation and focused on raising consumer awareness. As a recommended next step, FWF encourages Hessnatur to continue their path and ensure wage levels are raised towards a living wage, excessive overtime hours are reduced and an enabling environment for meaningful worker representation is created. For this it could be useful to cooperate with other customers at shared factories, intensify trainings and exchange good practices among supplier and within the industry.

Score: 87 Percentage under monitoring: 95% Category: Leader


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