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Hydrowear Performance Check 2010

Hydrowear Performance Check 2010

On the basis of the management system audit that was carried out in September 2010, FWF concludes that Hydrowear BV does not live up to most of the management system requirements.
Hydrowear BV works with a limited number of suppliers. The company has a long term relationship with its main supplier of clothing. This could be instrumental for the process of working towards improvements in working conditions.

Hydrowear BV believes that the level of working conditions at its supplier in China are of a sufficient level and do not need additional interference from their side. Hydrowear BV does not asses if its delivery times lead to excessive overtime. The company also does not assess if its purchasing prices contribute to a systematic approach towards a living wage for workers.

To date no audits have been carried out on behalf of Hydrowear BV to monitor working conditions in factories. As a result Hydrowear BV does not meet the threshold of 40% which is required for the first year of membership.

Hydrowear BV does not cooperate with other customers of manufacturers regarding follow up on corrective action plans and does not follow up on existing audit reports.

FWF encourages Hydrowear to evaluate internally if the company is willing to commit to the management system requirements stemming from FWF membership. Under FWF membership companies cannot solely rely on supplier assurance that working conditions have sufficiently been taken care of. FWF expects Hydrowear BV and its suppliers to share responsibilities with regard to processes to improve working conditions in factories.

Hydrowear BV is expected to assess the level of wages and working hours in factories in relation to its purchasing practices to ensure these allow the manufacturer to implement the FWF labour standards. In order to initiate the process of working towards improvements in working conditions in factories Hydrowear BV is required to arrange an audit that meets the quality requirements of FWF at its main supplier as soon as possible,


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