Hydrowear Performance Check 2016

Hydrowear Performance Check 2016

Hydrowear met most FWF’s management system requirements to improve working conditions. Hydrowear has only three suppliers, of which one in Low Risk Country Croatia. The remaining two suppliers are located in China and India. As both suppliers were audited, Hydrowear reached a monitoring percentage of 100% of its total purchasing volume. Combined with a benchmarking score of 50, this places Hydrowear in the ‘Good’ category.

Hydrowear enjoys long business relations and significant leverage with its suppliers, which should give Hydrowear a good position to demand improvements in working conditions. Nevertheless, basic requirements, such as receiving a duly completed and signed questionnaire or posting of the worker information sheet at all production locations, including subcontractors, remained a challenge.

During 2015, Hydrowear followed-up on the corrective actions of a 2013 audit at its main supplier in India by asking for a status overview of the corrective actions. Relatively simple improvements, such as health and safety, were addressed. However, improvements on wages, excessive overtime, transparency and worker-management communication proved more difficult.

In 2016, Hydrowear is expected to underscore at the highest level to its suppliers the importance of full transparency on wages and OT records and full cooperation on the corrective action plans. Rigorous and systematic follow-up on all CAPs is important. Taking part in the audit would underline the importance attached to it by Hydrowear. Hydrowear is furthermore expected to enroll its suppliers in India and China in the Workplace Education Programme in order to ensure awareness and enhance understanding of the relevant labour standards, grievance mechanisms and the importance of a good mechanism
for communication between employers and workers in the workplace.


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