Violence and harassment against women and men in the global garment supply chain

At this year’s annual meeting of the International Labour Organization, the ILC, there will be a decision made whether to move forward in the standard-setting process for a new potential instrument on Violence against men and women in the world of work. If it moves forward, this standard could result in either a binding or non-binding international law providing rules and guidance on violence and harassment at work. Like other ILO Conventions, countries could then ratify this and be held responsible for adhering to the rules outlines. In preparation for this decision, Fair Wear has prepared a document sharing our extensive experience in this area, and providing the ILO with recommendations on how the issue of violence at work could be addressed in such an instrument. The paper has been submitted to the ILO and shared with many of Fair Wear’s key stakeholders. We hope this document provides good real-life examples, both of the key issues that need to be addressed as well as possible solutions.


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