India Complaint DW-Shop July 2016

Final report on complaint at factory in India supplying DW-Shop

On 10 July 2016, a worker who was dismissed from the factory claimed that he had been working there since 2013. He allegedly took a one-month leave on 11 February, but did not return to his position until 9 June. Management had replaced him upon his return, and did not want to take him back. The worker accepted the dismissal, and asked manager for his full and final payment and his social security forms so he could collect social security. He was told to return two days later. The payment and the social security form did not materialise after he returned to the factory.

The worker called the FWF complaint handler again on 12 July and informed that he had been to the factory and met with management. He then said that he had been paid in full and that he had complained so hec could be reinstated.

On 13 July, DW-Shop received an email from the factory where they claimed the worker had been paid in full on 8 June, but that they were unable to rehire them.

On 15 July, FWF called the worker to verify the situation. The worker stated that he had been called by management and been offered a lump sum–lower than the sum mentioned by the factory–and made to sign a blank form. He accepted as he needed the money. He only wanted further help getting his form to collect social security payments.

Taking into account that the worker communicated to FWF that he accepted is dismissal, FWF’s impression is that it is likely that the worker was asked to sign a blank paper in exchange for a lesser amount.

As the worker was not available for further follow-up, FWF has closed the complaint. The claims regarding excessive overtime and lack of formal contracts/regular wage slips are difficult to verify without further investigation. They are however consistent with previous audit findings.


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