India Complaint Nudie Jeans, Mini Rodini, Manroof and Continental April 2016

Final report of complaint in India at a factory supplying Nudie Jeans, Mini Rodini, Manroof and Continental – April 2016

In August 2013, two workers were asked by an engineer at the factory to repair a pipe. To reach the pipe, they climbed on a chair that collapsed. One of the workers fractured a hand. The other worker, the complainant, fractured his spine. After the accident, management paid medical expenses for both workers. The workers were allegedly asked to sign documents in Tamil, a language the complainant does not speak, and to not report the complaint with the police. In December 2013, FWF became aware of the accident, but no case for non-compliance.

In January 2016 one of the workers called the FWF line to explain that his condition had worsened and was unable to work more than 12 days a month in a different area of the factory. He could not show medical documents because they are allegedly in the hands of management. The worker himself only has an appointment letter and an identification card. Due to his health problems, the worker wants to resign and has asked management for compensation payment, which was denied.

FWF first involved Nudie Jeans, and later the other brands. After contact with the factory it was established that all medical bills had been paid so far, and the worker continued in employment during his treatment. The worker fell under the Indian Employee’s Compensation Act. This meant that the worker was entitled to compensation regardless of the insurance situation of the worker. Also, the factory should have informed the police about the accident.

The worker received outstanding compensation. From now on, the factory must ensure that workers in similar cases are compensated according to law, and notify the authorities wherever necessary. Also, workers must receive a copy of legal documents in a language they can understand.



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