India Complaint Nudie Jeans, Manroof, Continental Clothing, Epona Feb. 2017

Final report of a complaint at a factory in India supplying Nudie Jeans, Manroof, Continental Clothing & Epona

On 2 February 2017, FWF received a complaint from a worker who is currently employed by the factory. The complainant claimed that a number of workers including himself/herself did not receive annual bonus payments during Diwali, and that 80 to 90 recently joined workers from Bihar stopped working in protest of delayed wage payments (around 31st January). Management informed workers that they will pay the full payment to their bank account once these have been set up. The complainant also shared that (s)he tried to address these issues with HR management, who refused to take it up and used abusive language.

FWF informed involved member brands about the case on 6 February 2017. Members contacted the suppliers and received some clarification. In addition, two FWF worker interviewers interviewed 18 workers outside the factory and, on 10 March, a FWF worker interviewer and document inspector discussed the findings with management and reviewed relevant documents.

In conclusion, no non-compliances related to bonus payments could be confirmed. Since FWF could not confirm the non-compliances that were raised in the complaint, no remediation points result from this complaint investigation. FWF recommends employing a Hindi speaking person in the HR department to reduce communication gaps.


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