India complaint Nudie Jeans Oct. 2016


On 27 and 28 October 2016, Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) received separate complaints from three workers currently employed by the factory. The complainants claimed that all employees had to work overtime. However, overtime payments were delayed for a month and sometimes up to three or four months. Other complaints were that bonus payments were also often delayed and that the bathrooms were normally dirty, and that having migrant workers in the factory meant that a language barrier prevented many workers from expressing grievances.

Nudie Jeans asked their supplier about a response to the complaint, which was forwarded to FWF. As a FWF audit had already been planned an audit for 24th and 25th November, the audit was used as an opportunity to investigate further. After this, FWF called the complaints to confirm whether they had received all pending payments.

FWF confirmed that all payments had been settled at the time of the audit. The audit could not confirm excessive overtime hours or forced overtime. While toilet facilities were clean during the audit, interviewed workers confirmed that they are generally not well kept. FWF was unable to verify whether the complainants resigned (as documents by the factory suggest) or whether they were dismissed and forced to sign a resignation letter (as claimed by the complainants).

In terms of remediation, the factory needs to ensure that policies for all relevant procedures like bonus calculation, leave resignation etc. are clearly documented, communicated to workers in a language they can understand and applied by staff according to Indian legislation. All payments must be paid on time at all times. The brand should clarify continuously whether the factory is able to do this. The factory should also set up functioning communication and grievance channels that are also accessible to migrant workers.

FWF verified that the individual complainants had received their pending payments and that all pending payments for other workers had been settled. Nudie Jeans asked FWF to facilitate mediation meetings between the workers and management. As a result of this process, management agreed to pay additional compensation to the workers in June 2017. FWF verified the receipt of this payment as well.


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