India Complaint Takko August 2016

Final report of complaint at a factory in India supplying Takko

On 3 August 2016, a former worker presented a complaint against a factory claiming that, after complaining about excessive overtime, the worker was told to stay home on the day of a visit by a FWF auditor. This led the worker to resign. Further, it was unclear whether this overtime was paid at the established rate.

On 5 August, FWF auditors visited the factory to investigate the complaint, interviewing more than 18 workers, and conducting a visual inspection among other measures.

Based on all information collected during the investigation, FWF concluded that the complaint was not grounded. The complaint is now considered closed.

The complainant was informed of the outcome, and said to have learnt from workers still employed at the factory that the HR manager called a meeting after the visit by FWF to ask workers to approach him
instead of calling the FWF hotline in case of complaints.


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