India Complaint Takko Jan. 2017 Interim report

Interim report of a complaint at a factory in India supplying Takko

On 8 January 2017, FWF received a complaint from a former worker at the factory. The complainant claimed that a line supervisor in the sewing department is verbally abusing workers. Takko sent their audit team to the factory for an investigation on 11 January, which included off-site and on-site interviews. As several complaints had been received from the same supplier, FWF decided to conduct a verification audit on 2 and 3 February.

FWF concludes that there has been inappropriate behavior by at least one supervisor, but it seems that the person has resigned. Management has undertaken efforts to ensure that supervisors are not verbally abusive.

FWF concludes that the Internal Complaints Committee is in place, but not fully functional as not all members are democratically elected and formally no external representative is part of the committee. However, is clear that the factory has made efforts to establish a committee.

FWF recommends that the factory conduct an election to ensure all committee members are democratically elected by workers instead of selected by management. Workers must be actively informed about the committee and other available grievance procedures as well as anti-harassment in general. FWF will verify progress on remediation steps at the next audit. FWF recommends Takko to follow-up with its own audit team in the meantime to validate improvements.


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