India Complaint Takko May 2016

Final report of complaint in India at factory supplying Takko

On 28 May 2016, a worker employed at a factory in India supplying Takko complained that aeration in the factory is limited, in spite of there being a fan. The worker felt suffocated, and said others shared this concern. While the issue was raised with the line supervisor, the worker alleges no action was taken.

The local Takko audit team conducted an investigation on 30 May, and found that the factory has sufficient windows and ventilators, as well as enough emergency exits and lighting, and sufficient ceiling height that allowed for good air circulation.

FWF auditors then visited the premises on 3 August, to verify these results. FWF therefore concludes the complaint is not grounded.

While the factory is correct to ask workers to use internal grievance structures (like approaching the HR person) before calling the FWF hotline, workers should also know that they are free to call FWF without any negative consequences if they feel they are unable to solve their problem internally.


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