Indonesia Complaint Jack Wolfskin July 2013


Update July 2013: In spite of repeated efforts to convince the supplier to realise improvements, Jack Wolfskin decided to phase out production at the facility. The report describes how the company rolled out a responsible exit strategy and how compensation was arranged for the dismissed workers.

Update January 2012: when an audit in November showed that the factory was not (sufficiently) addressing the non-compliances, Jack Wolfskin required the factory to start implementation of the Corrective Action Plan immediately and report on progress on a monthly basis. Failure to comply will have consequences for JW’s business relationship with the factory.

In April 2011, FWF received a complaint through the Indonesian trade union SBGTS. The complaint touched on a number of labour standards, including freedom of association. Members of SBGTS were dismissed by management in relation to their activities as members of the trade union.

An investigation showed that the complaints were grounded. FWF member Jack Wolfskin was aware of the problems and had been working on remediation for quite some time. Seeking cooperation with other buyers from the factory, Jack Wolfksin will make one more attempt at improving the situation. Should this attempt fail, then FWF will expect Jack Wolfskin to implement a responsible exit strategy.



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