IRIEDAILY Performance Check 2017

Iriedaily has met FWFs’ performance requirements and shown substantial progress on performance indicators. 84% of their supply chain has been monitored and this meets the monitoring threshold for first year of membership. Iriedaily has a consolidated supplier base and works with a small number of suppliers, which whom they maintain long-term relationships. This allows Iriedaily to work effectively on improving working conditions.

In their first year of membership, Iriedaily has implemented significant changes to their production planning process to support reasonable working hours at their suppliers. Overtime hours at supplier level have been reduced at the supplier level at one of their key Chinese suppliers. FWF recommends Iriedaily to further analyse the root causes of excessive overtime.

Iriedaily has also dug deeper in their supply chain to identify subcontractor locations. The mapping has provided Iriedaily a more realistic overview of their production locations. FWF encourages Iriedaily to keep track of the production locations and include these locations in their monitoring system. FWF encourages Iriedaily to develop an evaluation/grading system for suppliers where compliance with labour standards is a criterion for future order placement.

For the upcoming year the challenge for Iriedaily is to obtain more insights in the impact of its pricing policy on factory level, especially the labour cost of garments. This could support Iriedaily to assess the impact of its prices on living wages and include this in price discussions with suppliers.

Benchmarking score: 74, Percentage under monitoring: 84, Category: Good


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