Jack Wolfskin Performance Check 2013

Jack Wolfskin Performance Check 2013

Jack Wolfskin meets the management system requirements. Although the company maintains business relations with a high number of suppliers, and each year there is some change in suppliers, there is a large degree of more sustainable, long term relations. Next to that with the majority of their suppliers there is a certain degree of influence as they buy more than 10% of the production capacity.

The company works closely with an external auditing company and audits its suppliers frequently, for some this means yearly. Thanks to that, they have 100% of their supply chain integrated in the monitoring system and thus meet the FWF threshold and go even beyond. For some of their suppliers Jack Wolfskin offered additional trainings, to facilitate improving specific social compliance issues.

The challenge for the coming years for Jack Wolfskin is to contribute to making steps in preventing and/or reducing overtime and making steps in increasing wage levels. Next to that there is a continuous challenge in keeping managers and workers informed and aware about the code and the existing complaints mechanisms.


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