Jack Wolfskin Performance Check 2016

Jack Wolfskin Performance Check 2016 (For the Evaluation period 10/2015 to 09/2016)

Jack Wolfskin meets most of FWF’s management system requirements and goes beyond several. It has 100% of its supply chain monitored, hence meets the monitoring threshold of 90% for this financial year. Jack Wolfskin has build up close partnerships with its main suppliers which allows them to cooperate and work effectively on remediation of monitoring findings. Jack Wolfskin works closely with an external auditing company, which audits its suppliers frequently. Jack Wolfskin has engaged in advanced public reporting. Its direct supplier list is published online, allowing a high degree of transparency. In addition, the Brand Performance Check has been published on its website. Jack Wolfskin has started to promote participation in FWF’s Workplace Education Programme (WEP). Several suppliers have joined in this evaluation period. Together with two other outdoor brands, Jack Wolfskin has developed a training programme for its suppliers in Myanmar. With its complex complaints received in the last evaluation period, Jack Wolfskin has shown great efforts in complaints handling involving well the factory management and worker as well as stakeholders on various levels. FWF expects Jack Wolfskin to take a more pro-active role in discussing living wages with its suppliers. It could proceed with its efforts at one or more main suppliers where it has a high leverage, to start discussing how to move up the wage ladder towards living wages, possibly in a joint effort with other (FWF member) buyers. Jack Wolfskin is also advised to look more closely into the root causes of overtime with its suppliers and seek joint approaches to tackle these causes.


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