JBC Performance Check 2017

JBC Performance Check 2017

JBC has shown progress and met most of FWF’s performance requirements. With a score of 61 and a monitoring percentage of 77%, it achieves the Good category for brands in their second year of FWF membership.

JBC initiated a number of significant improvements in comparison to the previous year. In the first place, it initiated a system that allows it to much more effectively be aware of the production locations that it places orders at. Furthermore, it has introduced a system to improve its production planning by being aware of the production capacity of a certain location and ensuring that its orders do not exceed this capacity.

In terms of human rights due diligence and monitoring, JBC put in place a more robust system to receive information on the potential human rights risks and  violations at new production locations. In addition, it also invested a lot of capacity into its audit follow-up and CAP remediation efforts, particularly related to its Chinese suppliers.

FWF encourages JBC to continue its efforts in improving its purchasing practices, starting with an ex ante due diligence system, a production planning that  facilitates reduction of excessive overtime and also moving onto its pricing policy and increased transparency related to workers’ wages. When it comes to its production locations, JBC needs to ensure all that production locations are known, what FOB is booked at each location, and what the potential human rights risks are.


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