K.O.I. International Performance Check 2018

Kings of Indigo (K.O.I) has shown progress and met most of FWF’s performance requirements. After a ‘needs improvement’ rating in the last performance check, the member company ensured the monitoring threshold was met by auditing its most important suppliers. In combination with meeting the monitoring requirements for low risk suppliers and adequately working with 3 external audit reports, the company reached a monitoring threshold of 96% of their 2017 production volume.

K.O.I. made increased efforts to identify all production locations, especially in Tunisia where orders are placed via an intermediary platform. For 2017, K.O.I has requested the platform to inform them beforehand which style will be placed at what production location. FWF recommends K.O.I to continue the process of gaining more insight into FOB volumes that are placed at the laundry and stitching facilities which are organised through intermediary platforms or agents. This will enable K.O.I to implement more effective due diligence approaches in a pro-active way. To further improve its due diligence practices, K.O.I is advised to better document the outcomes of visits/conversations/screenings related to working conditions. This way, the documentation can serve as input in the internal decision making process and links the level of working conditions to sourcing decisions.

FWF recommends K.O.I. to expand their knowledge of cost break downs, including calculating the costs of labour and linking this to their own buying prices. The member company is expected to take an active role in discussing living wages with its suppliers.

K.O.I is encouraged to continue its efforts of raising awareness of labour rights at its production locations through organising Workplace Education Programme training sessions. In case more complicated issues come up as a result of audits or complaints, K.O.I can make use of FWF’s local teams to support remediation.


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