K.O.I. International Performance Check 2017

K.O.I. has demonstrated insufficient progress in implementing FWF’s monitoring requirements during its third year of membership. 41% of its FOB was not monitored. Although the benchmarking score is sufficient, K.O.I. has been placed in the ‘Needs Improvement’ category because the company failed to reach the monitoring threshold. K.O.I. works with an intermediary platform in Tunisia that distributes the company’s jeans orders to stitching facilities. The member company was only informed retroactively of the production locations where their orders were placed. Therefore K.O.I. was unable to conduct proper due diligence and monitor its production locations. Improvements have already started mid 2016, and K.O.I has been able to increase transparency with its suppliers and have clearer communication with them.

For 2017, K.O.I. has agreed with the platform to use a group of selected suppliers—that FWF will audit in 2017—and that the company will be informed prior to the distribution of production. In the upcoming year, K.O.I. needs to increase efforts in auditing suppliers and enrolling them for a Workplace Education Programme. This would form the basis for cooperation with suppliers, with the goal of improving implementation of the CoLP and initiating communication about living wages.


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