Katharine Hamnett Performance Check 2019

Katharine Hamnett London, the brand, has shown progress by meeting most of FWF’s performance requirements and has monitored 68% in its first year of membership. The brand has also gone above and beyond basic requirements by auditing 36% of its supply chain in FWF low-risk countries. Katharine Hamnett London has a consolidated supplier base and works with a small number of suppliers, with which it has built and maintained strong personal relationships. This allows the member to work effectively on improving working conditions. This, in combination with a score of 59 points, means that Katharine Hamnett London is awarded the ‘Good’ category.

In the first year of membership, Katharine Hamnett London has implemented significant changes to its due diligence process to support responsible sourcing practices through the use of its supplier database to organise and collate information.

Katharine Hamnett London has strong forecasting and production planning systems in place. Due to the nature of its business, orders must be placed well in advance after samples for the collection have been created. As a result, this allows Katharine Hamnett London’s suppliers to be flexible in their production planning, so much so that some suppliers have even requested receiving orders later in the season and this has not been an issue to accommodate


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