King Louie Performance Check 2017

King Louie Brand Performance Check 2017

King Louie meets most of FWF’s management system requirements. The company monitored 65% of its supply chain, meeting the threshold for second-year members. With a benchmark score of 54, it is placed in the Good category.
King Louie worked towards consolidating its supplier base and increasing productivity by reducing the company’s style framework by 25%, with new styles being used for more than one season. King Louie improved on monitoring subcontractors, but the main challenge remains to find out FOB data on subcontractor level.
Even though the company has gained more insight into risk areas, FWF encourages King Louie to better structure and formalise its due diligence process related to selecting new suppliers and evaluation of suppliers’ social compliance.

Four FWF audits were conducted on behalf of King Louie in Turkey and China. Aiming at supporting reasonable working hours, King Louie discussed production planning. As a first step, fabrics are ordered sooner and reorders are placed during low season. The next step should be to work on a more systematic approach. King Louie had several discussions with suppliers on living wages. Wage ladders are shared and discussed with the audited suppliers.
One of the long term Turkish suppliers was part of initial wage conversations, but due to low leverage, it remains a challenge to move forward. King Louie has not yet organised WEP training at production units and FWF recommends to motivate its suppliers to do so for the purpose of awareness and understanding of FWF’s labour standards.



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