King Louie Performance Check 2018

King Louie meets most of FWF’s performance requirements. The company monitored 89% of its supply chain, meeting the threshold for third-year members.
With a benchmark score of 61, FWF is placing King Louie in the Good category.

In the end of the 2017-2018 financial year, King Louie worked towards consolidating its supplier base by using suppliers from Turkey and China. FWF
recommends King Louie to keep focus on monitoring subcontractors and to develop a clear due diligence policy for the (new) Turkish and Chinese suppliers.
In the past financial year, King Louie had four FWF audits conducted in Turkey and China. In some, payment of minimum wages was flagged as an issue and
King Louie proactively started remediation. The brand has been discussing and preparing next steps with two suppliers (one in China and one in Turkey) and is
sharing wage ladders with them as well. To prevent excessive overtime, FWF encourages King Louie to get suppliers to share their production capacity.
During production, King Louie should receive regular updates regrading capacity from suppliers.

Score: 61 Percentage under monitoring: 89% Category: Good



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