LK International AG (Kjus) Performance Check 2014

Kjus Performance Check 2014

Kjus meets most of FWF’s management system requirements and goes beyond several in their second year membership. At 93%, Kjus’ monitoring percentage significantly exceeds the 60% required for second-year members.

Kjus has good knowledge about its production sites. In terms of leverage with suppliers, long-term relationships compensate for relatively small volumes at most of the brand’s suppliers. Steps towards living wage implementation have included participation in a FWF living wage study, and knowledge of labour
costs in calculations for their most important products.

Follow up on audit reports, corrective action plans as well as complaints has been done thoroughly and within suggested timeframes. Kjus is open towards other brands to work on remediation steps at shared suppliers and at times took the lead in resolving issues at shared suppliers.

In the future, it is recommended that Kjus enrol suppliers in FWF’s Workplace Education Programme trainings to increase knowledge at the production sites on labour standards and grievance mechanisms.


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