K.O.I. International Performance Check 2014

K.O.I. International Performance Check 2014

K.O.I is in process of implementing FWF’s management system requirements. The company has long term business relationships with production and laundry facilities in Tunisia and Italy. K.O.I’s sourcing strategy is to produce close to home with direct relationships with suppliers. Product development and production planning is a closely shared process with suppliers. As an environmentally sustainable denim brand K.O.I focuses on selecting suppliers who are
able to work with organic materials. Due to lack of capacity, the company has not yet been able to set up systems to structurally assess and improve working conditions.

K.O.I has not met the monitoring threshold of 40% for their first year of membership. K.O.I is expected to actively inform management and workers of the Code of Labour Practices and to increase their monitoring efforts in the coming years.



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