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Today – 16 November – websites around the world will go dark, out of protest and solidarity. Protest against the powers and forces that limit our universal liberties and silence us. And in solidarity with activists, human rights defenders who stand up for these freedoms. Sometimes paying with the ultimate price - their lives.

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K.O.I. International Performance Check 2015

K.O.I. International Performance Check 2015

K.O.I has shown insufficient progress in implementing FWF’s management system. As a recently founded denim brand, K.O.I has been working to set up the company’s structure. Staff have acknowledged that capacity issues related to the brand’s growth have contributed to inadequate attention to social issues in the past year.

A process for monitoring working conditions is not yet embedded in the company; the monitoring threshold for second year of membership has not been met; formal supplier selection and review processes related to labour standards are not yet systematically integrated; and K.O.I. has not implemented the changes required from the last Brand Performance Check.

K.O.I has for the above reasons received a Needs Improvement rating for the 2nd year in a row. In accordance with FWF policies, K.O.I.’s membership is suspended as of 1 June 2015. K.O.I. has characteristics – detailed insight into their supply chain, close supplier relationships and a willingness to publish their supplier list – that could form a solid foundation for a successful membership. Currently K.O.I. is working on creating more capacity and has made steps to ensure processes structurally embed FWF requirements in their management systems. In the coming months, FWF will assess with K.O.I. whether they have been able to take the steps necessary to achieve a ‘Good’ rating at the next performance check, or whether membership will be terminated.


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