LaDress Performance Check 2015

LaDress Performance Check 2015

LaDress is in process of implementing FWF’s management system requirements. The sourcing policy of LaDress supports the implementation of the Code of Labour Practices. The company has stable and long term relationships with their suppliers; particularly with their main supplier in Romania, where nearly 70% of LaDress’ 2014 purchasing volume is produced and where the company has substantial leverage.

LaDress has invested the first year of FWF membership into informing all factories of the Code of Labour Practices and hired a new staff person that is responsible for working on FWF membership requirements. By implementing the monitoring requirements for low risk countries, LaDress’ monitoring threshold comes to 30% of their 2014 purchasing volume, which is below the required 40% of first year members. However, given that a first FWF audit took place at theRomanian supplier in the beginning of 2015 and LaDress has set up first step for FWF membership in their first year, FWF has decided to award them with the Good rating.

LaDress can take next steps in gaining more insight into wage levels at their suppliers. Moreover, monitoring and assessing progress in working conditions can be more systematically integrated in the company’s work processes.



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