LaDress Performance Check 2018

LaDress has shown progress and has met most of FWF’s performance requirements. The company has a longterm relationship with its main supplier in Romania, where 76% of LaDress’ 2017 purchasing volume is produced and where the company has substantial leverage. This partnership supports effective implementation of the Code of Labour Practices.

LaDress has monitored in total 92% of its 2017 production volume. With this LaDress meets the threshold that is required for members after third brand performance check. LaDress produces mainly in Europe, besides the key supplier in Romania, LaDress’s production in 2017 took place in Bulgaria, Portugal, Italy, Poland and Indonesia. For a seasonal collection LaDress started production in Indonesia, after a trail period in 2016-2017, LaDress decided to not continue production here. LaDress was able to show a posted Worker Information Sheet at all its suppliers. LaDress has shown progress on the implementation of the Corrective Action Plan after the audit at their Romanian supplier. It has remediated health and safety findings. LaDress visits suppliers on a regular basis and communicates weekly with its suppliers and labor issues are taken on and discussed verbally or by email. LaDress should improve their supplier evaluation system. Such a system will support LaDress in keeping track of the working conditions in the factories. FWF advises laDress to investigate further the exact production locations of the products made in Bulgaria. For next year, FWF advises LaDress to indentify how to increase workers’ wages towards living wage level at its key supplier in Romania.

Score: 63 Percentage under monitoring: 92% Category: Good


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