Living Crafts Performance Check 2017

Living Crafts has met most of FWF’s performance requirements. It has monitored 40% of its purchasing volume, thereby meeting the monitoring threshold of 40% required for the first year of membership. Therefore, with a score of 55 points, Living Crafts is awarded the ‘Good’ category with a score of 55 points.

Its business model of selling organic garments is mostly focused on business to business sales, although it also sells clothes through Denn’s shop and to consumers through its website. About 20% of production is used to produce workwear clothes for Denn’s. Living Crafts has seen significant growth in 2016. In 2015, it started working with Chinese suppliers to produce garments made from organic linen. In a few years, its supply base has grown from 4 to 22 suppliers. It once again has made efforts to consolidate its supplier base.

Living Crafts has started to actively follow up with corrective actions at suppliers that have been audited. The company has already achieved good progress at one of its main Indian suppliers. It also cooperated actively with other FWF members in resolving a complaint from a shared Romanian supplier. FWF strongly recommends Living Crafts to invest in learning more about its supplier base, especially concerning the use of subcontractors. The company should ensure that it monitors more than 60% of its supplier base in its second year of FWF membership. Furthermore, Living Crafts should improve its purchasing practices by learning more about integrated production planning and by setting up a pricing policy in which it knows the cost of labour. FWF encourages Living Crafts to enroll suppliers in FWF’s WEP programme to increase awareness on worker rights and create more awareness on gender-based Violence. FWF encourages Living Crafts to be more transparent about its efforts and to communicate about and involve consumers in the progress it has made.

Benchmarking score: 55, % under monitoring: 40, Category: Good


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