LK International AG (Kjus) Performance Check 2016

LK International AG (KJUS) Performance Check 2016

Kjus meets most of FWF’s management system requirements and goes beyond several. Kjus has monitored 96% of its production locations by conducting FWF audits, audits by other FWF members or external audits that met FWF’s quality standards and by fulfilling monitoring requirements for low risk countries. Kjus’ monitoring percentage exceeds the 90% monitoring threshold required for companies that have been a member for more than three years.
A mostly stable supplier base built on long-term partnerships allows Kjus to work efficiently on improving labour conditions. During 2015, Kjus made considerable progress in increasing leverage at suppliers.

While challenges with excessive overtime findings remain, Kjus’ production planning generally supports reasonable working hours at factory level. Kjus also has a thorough due diligence and risk management system in place.

Kjus achieved significant progress in motivating its suppliers to participate in FWF’s Workplace Education Programme. 72% of all suppliers have now received a training during the last three years.

FWF recommends Kjus to work on structural solutions for more complex, systemic challenges like excessive overtime and low wage levels


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