LK International AG (Kjus) Performance Check 2017

LK International AG (Kjus) Performance Check 2017

Kjus has shown advanced results on performance indicators and has made exceptional progress. With a benchmarking score of 77 and a combined monitoring percentage of 93% including FWF audits, external audits and low-risk country production, Kjus has once again achieved the Leader status. Kjus has an advanced system in place to provide factories with adequate lead times and is aware of the relationship between prices and wage levels.

In 2016, Kjus continued its work on audit follow-up and remediation, even though it faced capacity challenges within its CSR team due to unforeseen circumstances. Its monitoring percentage dropped somewhat from the previous year but was still within the required threshold. In addition to this, Kjus signed up for the FWF Living Wage challenge in 2016, and is in a challenging process of practically working towards living wages at one of its main suppliers in Vietnam. FWF encourages Kjus to continue its work on audit follow-up and remediation, ensuring that the minimum required monitoring threshold continues to be met.

In addition, Kjus is encouraged to track and monitor its pioneering work on living wages so that lessons can be learned and disseminated to other players in the global garment industry.

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